Living Well

The Living Well program helps you manage three important parts of your life: Health, Money and Life. We partner with GuidanceResources®, a leading provider of employee assistance, work/life and wellness programs, to provide you with confidential services. We also offer incentives — up to $1,000 in Health Savings Account contributions or $100 cash — to reward you for taking an active role in your total well-being. Refer to the Wellness Incentive Checklist for incentive activities and eligibility, plus other important details.

Full-Time and part-time employees (including those on Standard Short-Term Disability and Military Leave) and their spouses/domestic partners are eligible for Living Well programs. Contract employees and employees on Long-Term Disability are not eligible.

With the Living Well Incentive Program, you can earn wellness credits into your PNC BeneFit Plus Health Savings Account (HSA) as dollars (or cash if you don’t have an HSA). Refer to the Wellness Incentive Checklist for an overview of the program or read the Wellness Incentive Guide for additional details. The guide is available through Pathfinder > Living Well. Spouses/domestic partners can find the guide on (web ID: PNC). Here’s a quick look at what you can earn and what you need to do.

Who is eligible?

The following eligibility criteria must be met at the time you complete the wellness incentive activity and at the time the incentive is paid out.

All full-time, part-time and RSP employees who are active or away from work for less than 91 consecutive calendar days, or who are on maternity or parental leave, are eligible to earn wellness incentives. New employees are eligible after they complete their PNC medical benefit elections and their elections have been automatically shared with GuidanceResources (typically about 30-40 days from the first day of employment). Spouses/domestic partners are eligible to earn incentives if they’re covered under a PNC medical option.

Temporary employees, contract employees and employees away from work 91 consecutive calendar days or more are not eligible (except as noted above).

What do I get?

  • If you’re enrolled in a PNC medical option with a PNC BeneFit Plus Health Savings Account (HSA), you’ll earn wellness credits that will be deposited into your HSA throughout the year as wellness activities are completed and recorded in the Incentive Tracker online. You can earn up to $600 and your covered spouse/domestic partner (if applicable) can earn up to an additional $400.
  • If you’re not enrolled in a PNC medical option or don’t have a PNC BeneFit Plus HSA, you can earn up to $100 in wellness credits paid as cash in your regular PNC pay as activities are completed. Spouses/domestic partners cannot earn wellness credits payable as cash.

Learn more about the Health Savings Account.

How do I earn?

Step 1: Complete the online confidential Health Assessment to start earning credits.

Step 2: Earn additional wellness credits by completing other qualifying well-being activities. Check out the 2018 Wellness Incentive Checklist for details.

Step 3: Keep track of all your wellness activities with the Incentive Tracker on GuidanceResources® Online.

When and how do I participate?

You and your enrolled spouse/domestic partner can earn wellness credits at any time through Dec. 15, 2018, at 5 p.m. ET. All activities must be complete and entered in the Incentive Tracker by 5 p.m. ET on Dec. 15 to qualify for 2018 credits.

How do I complete the Health Assessment?

The Health Assessment is a free, confidential questionnaire that, once complete, provides a snapshot of your current health status and wellness behaviors. The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete, after which you’ll receive a Wellness Score that highlights your level of risk for any chronic health issues.

To take the online Health Assessment any time and begin earning wellness credits:

  • Go to Pathfinder > Living Well > GuidanceResources® Online > Wellness > Health Assessment.
  • Spouses/domestic partners (even if not covered by a PNC medical option) can take the Health Assessment at (web ID: PNC). Note that only spouses/domestic partners who are covered by a PNC medical option with a PNC BeneFit Plus HSA qualify for wellness credits.

Help is Here

If going it alone isn’t your thing, don’t worry. PNC provides confidential resources and support to help you stay healthy or get healthier. PNC gives you cost-effective and time-saving ways to take better care of yourself, physically and emotionally.

  • Well-being Coaching through GuidanceResources®

    Well-being coaching is available over the phone or online through GuidanceResources®, PNC’s third-party partner. With telephonic coaching, you’re connected with a health coach who will help you set a personalized plan to develop new healthy habits depending on your goals. You’ll talk with your coach on a weekly basis for a few weeks, at whatever time fits your schedule. Online coaching allows you to explore a variety of well-being topics and use self-study to develop healthy habits.

  • Onsite Events and Online Resources

    Living Well offers free Biometric Screenings and free flu shots at most major PNC locations, with other options available to smaller locations. You and your family members also have access to an online library of information, tools and trackers to help you manage your well-being. Options range from online relaxation webcasts to weight loss trackers and healthy recipes.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    GuidanceResources® is our EAP provider, offering comprehensive services for everyday challenges such as parenting, emotional health or financial well-being; help with mental health or relationship issues; and legal guidance on landlord/tenant issues, divorce, etc.

    Up to five face-to-face counseling sessions with a master’s-certified clinician are included per year, per topic, to help you or your family members address emotional and behavioral well-being concerns.

    Call GuidanceResources® at 888-999-6768 or access more information on Pathfinder.

  • Your Personal Advocate

    PNC’s advocacy service is there when you need help with complex health and retirement benefits issues, locating doctors and medical facilities, coordinating PNC’s benefits with Medicare and managing claims issues. This service is available to all employees; you don’t have to be enrolled in a PNC medical option to use it. Call the HR Service Center at 877-968-7762, option 1, then say "advocacy" when prompted.

Tobacco Cessation

GuidanceResources® offers confidential support to help you kick the tobacco habit for good. As an added benefit, when you agree to complete a tobacco cessation program during annual enrollment, you’ll avoid paying the tobacco-user contribution.

Call GuidanceResources® at 888-999-6768 to sign up for and to complete one of the following approved tobacco cessation programs:

  • GuidanceResources® tobacco cessation program: This program is confidential, free and includes reimbursement up to $300 per person for eligible out-of-pocket expenses for nicotine replacement therapies, including over-the-counter products and prescriptions. The program typically involves five weekly phone counseling sessions and takes about six to eight weeks to complete.
  • Alternative national program that has documented outcomes. Call GuidanceResources® at 888-999-6768 to obtain pre-approval before starting an alternative program. After completing the program, call GuidanceResources to avoid or stop the tobacco-user contribution.

Alternative programs:

  • Medical Insurance Carriers: Nicotine replacement therapies are often covered. Contact your carrier (e.g., Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and UHC) at the number on the back of your medical plan ID card.
  • American Cancer Society: The Freshstart Program is designed to help people stop smoking for life. Visit or call 800-227-2345.
  • American Legacy Foundation: “The EX Plan” is based on ex-smokers’ personal experiences as well as scientific research from the Mayo Clinic. Visit
  • American Lung Association: Freedom From Smoking (FFS) is an online seven-module program. Visit or call the Lung HelpLine at 800-LUNGUSA (800-586-4872).

Note: If you or a covered spouse/domestic partner would like to meet the tobacco cessation program requirements described above to avoid paying the tobacco-user contribution, but can’t, call GuidanceResources® at 888-999-6768. Counselors will work with you (and with your doctor, if you wish) to find an appropriate wellness program for your health status.

Even if you did not originally elect to complete an approved tobacco cessation program, or you did not complete an approved program by the deadline, it’s not too late. Contact GuidanceResources® at any time during the year to start an approved tobacco cessation program. Your per-pay tobacco-user contribution will be stopped when the program is complete (as soon as administratively possible), but amounts already paid cannot be refunded.

For additional information, read the FAQs on tobacco-user contribution.

Being healthy is about more than just physical wellness. Research shows that being able to manage money and make good financial decisions can increase our sense of well-being and lower stress levels.

Start by checking out MoneyWise on Pathfinder. MoneyWise is your access point for the many financial products, employee discounts, services and resources that can benefit you all year round.

In addition, our Living Well program provides tools and resources to help you improve your “financial well-being” and work toward achieving your financial goals. These resources include:

  • Employee Discount Website. Take advantage of the discounts on products, services and travel offered exclusively to PNC employees.
  • Financial Resources. Check out the tips and information to help you manage your money now and plan your financial future.
  • Employee Discounts on PNC Products and Services through MoneyWise. PNC employees receive discounts for our banking and financial services when you bank with us.

Employee Discount Website

Save more of the money you earn by taking advantage of special employee discounts. PNC has partnered with GuidanceResources® to offer discounts at hundreds of major retailers and service organizations, as well as colleges and universities. Browse all deals in one place on the Living Well Employee Discount website.

  • Go to: Pathfinder > Living Well > GuidanceResources® Online > I’m Looking For > Discounts.
  • Search by topic and/or state for PNC exclusive discounts.
  • Select Working Advantage at the top of the list for all other discounts and offers on theater and movie tickets, theme park and ski tickets, gyms, hotels, car rentals, retail and restaurant gift cards, premium shopping websites and more.

MoneyWise: PNC Discounts and More

As a PNC employee, you’ll receive discounts on our banking and financial services offerings including:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Mortgages
  • Investments

For details, go to MoneyWise on Pathfinder.

PNC offers benefits that fit every stage of your life, and all the highs and lows that come along with changes and challenges.

Child, Elder and Adult Care Management

GuidanceResources® provides services to help you with the challenges of caring for an adult or elderly relative. These services include:

  • Free elder care management services, such as in-person assessment of and recommendations for your elder’s situation;
  • Check-in services to keep an eye on your loved one anywhere they live in the United States; and
  • Research/reviews of assisted living or nursing homes you may be considering.

You can access GuidanceResources® on their website or speak with a counselor at 888-999-6768. All contacts with GuidanceResources® are strictly confidential.

Reminder: Back-up adult/elder care is also available through PNC’s Just In Case Care program. Care is available in all markets through a national network of quality, experienced, in-home caregivers from credentialed agencies. You have access to 15 days of back-up care per year at an affordable rate. (See Just in Case Care below for more information.)

Flexible Work Arrangements

PNC recognizes employees as individuals who need to balance their work and home responsibilities. That’s why we’ve established six formal flexible work arrangements:

  • Compressed work week
  • Flextime
  • Job sharing
  • Telecommuting
  • Remote work
  • Reduced Schedule Professional

To learn more see Flexible Work Arrangements on Pathfinder.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

GuidanceResources® EAP is among PNC’s most valuable employee benefits, offering a range of services at no cost to you, including:

  • Confidential support for everyday challenges such as parenting, emotional well-being and financial wellness; mental health and relationship issues; and legal guidance on landlord/tenant issues, divorce, etc.
  • All employees (full-time and part-time) are eligible for up to five free in-person counseling sessions per year, per topic, with a licensed counselor in their local area.
  • Online materials/resources on topics such as financial planning, child care facilities and summer camps.
  • Research and referral services to help you with everyday needs like planning a vacation, choosing a cell phone plan and more.

    Call GuidanceResources® at 888-999-6768 or access more information on Pathfinder.

New Mothers’ Rooms

PNC offers private rooms for new mothers who continue to nurse their babies after they return to work. In many cases, the rooms are outfitted with pumps, comfortable chairs and small refrigerators. For more information, visit the Information Center in Pathfinder or call the HR Service Center at 877-968-7762, option 4. Representatives are available weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

PNC Just In Case Care

Say you’re working on a critical deadline or you have an important meeting you can’t miss. What would you do if your regular day care or adult/elder care provider is unavailable? Use PNC’s Just In Case Care program to access a national network of back-up child and adult/elder care services. The program is provided through Bright Horizons Family Solutions.

All full-time, part-time and Reduced Schedule Professional (RSP) employees are eligible for 15 days of care per child/adult per year, at a cost of $20 per child, per day with a maximum charge of $40 per family, per day for center based child care and $4 per hour for in home care for children and/or adults with a four hour minimum.

Advance registration is required. To learn more, register or request reservations: Call 877-242-2737, or visit the Living Well page on Pathfinder.

  • Watch a prerecorded webinar for program details.