Benefit Stories: Can You Relate?

Learn how people like you make their enrollment decisions.

What’s your story? Each of us has reasons we make the choices we do. That’s true in life and when it comes to the benefits we choose. Click a photo below to see what others may be thinking about when it’s time to enroll. You may find some new ideas to consider.

The stories below are fictional and are for illustrative purposes only. They’re designed to show what individuals might think about when making their personal benefit decisions. Your situation is unique and only you can decide which benefits are the best fit for you. Be sure to think about your own coverage needs and budget when weighing your options. There are lots of tools and resources available throughout to help you make an informed decision before you make your elections. Check them out!


Learn about your options and make informed choices using the resources here on and Pathfinder. Check out the medical plan comparison chart for 2018 to take a closer look at the features and costs for Health Choice 1 and Health Choice 2.

2019 PNC Wellness Credit Contribution

For a covered employee* For a covered spouse/domestic partner*
Up to $600 Up to $400
$100 for free online Health Assessment $100 for free online Health Assessment
and and
Up to $500 for additional activities Up to $300 for additional activities
*If you’re enrolled in a PNC medical option, the Wellness Incentive Program offers you and your covered spouse/domestic partner these wellness credits deposited as dollars in your HSA. If you are not enrolled in PNC's medical benefits or not eligible for an HSA, you can earn up to $100 in wellness credits as taxable cash in your regular PNC pay as activities are completed. Learn more