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Health & Life Insurance

Health Savings Account

When you enroll in Health Choice 1 or 2, you’ll be asked to confirm your eligibility to contribute and agree to have a PNC BeneFit Plus HSA opened in your name. You can use the HSA to save money on a pretax basis to pay for eligible health care expenses, now and in the future. Your HSA is yours to keep, even if you leave PNC.

An HSA has three key tax advantages:

  • Save tax-free: Your per-pay contributions to your HSA are pretax;
  • Grow tax-free: The earnings in your HSA are not taxed; and
  • Use tax-free: The funds you withdraw to pay for eligible health care expenses, now and in the future, are not subject to income tax or penalties.

For a closer look at how the account works, eligibility, contributions, incentives, eligible expenses and how to access and manage your account, please visit your 2017 HSA User Guide.

For details on HSA and Medicare, please review these guidelines.

Note: While employee pretax HSA payroll contributions are made possible under the terms of the PNC Group Benefit Plan, the HSA itself is not part of the PNC Group Benefit Plan, is not covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA), and is offered by PNC Bank, National Association, independent of the PNC-sponsored employee benefit programs. Although PNC intends to continue its contribution to the HSA, it reserves the right to change, modify, amend or terminate this at any time and for any reason.