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2022 Vision

Full-time (including RSP) and part-time employees can select vision coverage through UnitedHealthcare. Highlights include:

  • Comprehensive contact lens formulary
  • Simplified plan design for lens purchases (many lens options are now included with the $15 copay)
  • Broad network access, including popular chains like Walmart, Visionworks, Costco and Target, plus independent retailers, including Warby Parker

Vision coverage also includes UnitedHealthcare Hearing coverage, which offers access to hundreds of name-brand and private-label hearing aids, plus convenient ordering options and personalized care to help you improve your hearing. Learn more.

(Note: If you’re enrolled in a PNC medical option, all medical carriers offer hearing discounts as well. Call the member services number on the back of your medical ID card for more information.)

Here’s a more detailed outline of the coverage and features available:

Item & Frequency In-Network Out-of-Network
Routine Vision Exam
Members age 13+: once every calendar year

Children through age 12: twice per calendar year

Members with diabetes and pregnant or breastfeeding members: twice every calendar year
  • You pay $15 copay
  • Plan pays the rest
  • Plan pays up to $30
  • You pay the rest
Once every calendar year
  • You pay $15 copay1
  • Maximum allowance of $150, plus a 30% discount on amounts over that
  • Plan pays up to $45
Eyeglass Lenses
Once every calendar year, instead of contact lenses
  • You pay $15 copay1
  • Lens options at no additional cost:
    • Standard scratch-resistant coating
    • Standard anti-reflective coating
    • UV coating
    • Scratch warranty
    • Tint
    • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Additional optional lens options are available at 80% coinsurance after copay. Progressive lenses (Tier 1 to Tier V) are also available after copay at the lesser of $55-$190 or the retail billed charge, depending on the type selected.
  • Plan pays $40–$80 depending on lens type
Contact Lenses2
Once every calendar year, instead of eyeglasses
  • For contact lenses on the UHC formulary2, you pay a $15 copay for the exam, then the lens fitting, evaluation and up to 6 boxes of formulary lenses are included at no extra cost
  • For non-formulary3 contact lenses, you pay a $15 copay for the exam; the plan pays up to $150 for the lens fitting, evaluation and non-formulary lenses (anything above $150 is discounted)
  • Plan pays up to $50 for elective contacts
Necessary4 Contact Lenses
  • Necessary contact lenses4 are covered in full
  • Plan pays up to $210
Other Features
  • Hearing services: Free hearing consultation, three-year warranty on products, one-year supply of hearing-aid batteries, discounted hearing aids; to learn more, go to
  • Low vision services: Covered both in-network and out-of-network, with prior approval, up to the plan maximum
  • Access to laser vision correction services (LASIK) at discounted fees through participating providers

1If you purchase eyeglass lenses and frames at the same time from the same in-network provider, only one co-payment will apply for both the eyeglass lenses and frames, combined.

2At Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart and 1-800 Contacts, the contact lens formulary will not apply; the copay is waived and the $150 allowance will apply. Other in-network locations may not offer formulary contact lenses. In those cases, your allowance for non-formulary contact lenses will apply.

3If non-formulary contact lenses are prescribed; the member will be responsible for the contact lens fitting and evaluation.

4As determined by your vision provider, for certain medical conditions (refer to the Vision Summary Plan Description (SPD) for details. Necessary contact lenses are in lieu of contact lenses.

To find network providers

  • Go to and use the Provider Quick Search on the right side of the screen.
  • Call UnitedHealthcare: 800-638-3120